Monday, July 5, 2010

Get To Know: Fair Trade

Help change the world with 4 of the best body care products on earth. Fair trade certifications means our collections helps farmers around the globe help themselves by investing in their farms & communities, encouraging the development of business skills & mandating environmentally sustainable farming methods, after all, what's fair is fair.

Q&A time:
Q: Why is fair trade collection important to Mark?
A: Mark had a great idea to create a super-luxe, moisture-intense group of products that were truly nourishing for the skin.The Mark mission is one of the social responsibility & empowerment, & so the fair trade certified body collection hits on all these elements.

Q: How does Mark know that its fair trade products are actually helping people?
A: Mark needed a trust worthy partner that had established relationship with farms & could help us keep our promise of social responsibility. TransFair USA, a nonprofit organization & the only 3rd party certified of fair products in the United States, champions for farmers in ways that go beyond helping farmers secure a fair price for their goods.

Here's a delicious fact: cocoa butter is derived from the cocoa bean - the same bean that high quality chocolate is made from. Likewise, the fat that make chocolate so yummy also make cocoa butter hydrating & conditioning for skin.Made with Fair Trade Certified™ ingredients cocoa butter, honey and hibiscus, and blended with grape and papaya extracts
• improves skin clarity and tone
• provides all-day hydration for healthier looking skin

• provides SPF 15 protection

6.7 fl. oz.

while some ancient cultures referred to honey as "liquid gold" due to its many uses, for us. honey is buzz worthy because it helps create a rich, luxurious lather that leaves skin feeling smooth & conditioned. Fresh approach is not only a body cleanser because it hydrates the skin as it cleanses, but also because it lathers enough to double as a supreme shaving cream.
Made with Fair Trade Certified™ ingredients honey and white tea, and blended with rice bran oil and sunflower oil
• conditions deeply as it cleanses
• leaves skin silky smooth and refreshed
• 6.7 fl. oz.

The fair trade olive oil is extracted using traditional European cold press method. Good thing, because for our purposes, other methods are the pits - heat destroys the olive's fatty acids, which benefit the skin.
Made with Fair Trade Certified™ ingredients cocoa butter, olive oil and chamomile, and blended with grape and papaya extracts
• provides comfort and 24-hour miniaturization

• improves skin clarity and tone
• 6.7 fl. oz.

As you glide the Big Fix over your arms, legs, & other area's, your body temperature warms up the stick, so it conditioners melt right into your skin.Made with Fair Trade Certified™ ingredients cocoa butter, olive oil and vanilla, and blended with sunflower oil and beeswax
• immediately moisturizes chapped, dry elbows, knees and heels
• smooths unruly brows; softens rough cuticles
• leaves skin dramatically softer anywhere you use
0.48 oz. net wt.

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