Wednesday, July 28, 2010

That's what they said!

A rich, fast-absorbing cream that instantly relieves dryness and replenishes skin’s moisture. Contains a super antioxidant-rich blend of açaí, goji, noni and pomegranate, plus skin-nourishing shea butter and murumuru seed butter. 3.4 fl. oz.

"I just got this in an order today. I actually didn't think I'd use it much, but bought it to demo at my upcoming party. I tried it out so that I had an idea of how it works so I could tell the ladies at the party. HOLY MOLY!!! It's AMAZING! (I know, I know, everyone says everything from mark. is amazing), but SERIOUSLY this stuff ROCKS!"

"I agree! Talk to the Hand cream is most certainly my favorite hand lotion ever! It's especially perfect in the winter for dry, chapped hands."
- "It got rid of my eczema, as well as my nieces" ~ "I bought this because i was running low on my regular hand lotion. It is a great size so i can just put it in my bag with my lip gloss. I am an artist and also work at a restaurant, so i use my hands a lot. This has helped keep my knuckles from cracking. There is a scent but isn't too obtrusive, it is kinda citrus."

"My gramma just had her birthday and she always has dry hands. So my sister bought this for my gramma, from me. The lotion being fragrance free was a huge part of the decision to buy it. It is a major plus because my gramma is very sensitive to smells. It is so wonderful. Very moisturizing and nearly fragrance free. Buy some!"

"Although I am happy to have a job-everyone in my department works hard, most of us leave with our hands torn-up! Everyone uses something-we all are open to trying anything new! When I brought this product in-it is so well liked even by the men! I keep a stash in my locker! It is very thick but doesn't leave your hands greasy-we have to be very precise and this product allows you to continue working without a slippery feeling! It definitely rules in our plant! We all think it smells like a very mild exotic kind of fruity smell!"

*Names have been withheld for privacy.


Mama Mary said...

I've never tried mark, maybe I need to try. I have perpetually dry hands, ugh!!! Stopping by via SITS.

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